faq section

1. Is ‘International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology & Science’ a refereed journal (IRJMETS)?

Answer: Yes, International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science is a fully peer reviewed, open access journal. It follows double blind peer review policy. IRJMETS accept paper from all the field of Engineering, Science, management, Commerce, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Technology and other research area

2. Is ‘International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology & Science’ an international journal?

Answer: Yes, International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology & Science is an international journal. IRJMETS accept research and review article from engineer, scholars, scientist, academician and researcher of all the countries of the world.

3. How much time does the journal take for paper review process?

Answer: The complete paper review process takes maximum 24 hours after the email or SMS send to author (accepted for review).

4. How much time will take to published paper online after the acceptance?

Answer: The accepted paper is generally published (online) within 4 hours after receiving publication fees and copyright form .

5. What is the frequency of the IRJMETS journal?

Answer: The frequency of the IRJMETS journal is monthly (12 issues per year).

6. How can I submit a paper?

Answer: Visit the ‘Submit paper online’ under for author menu of the journal. If you face any problem, contact with the editor at

7. How can I track my paper status?

Answer: Visit ‘Track My Paper’ menu and type your paper id to easily track your paper review process.

8. What happened if I lost my certificate?

Answer: Author can download at any time their certificate by just entering their email and paper id in ‘Download Certificate’ section.

9. Is there any specific online paper submission deadline?

Answer: No, there is no specific online paper submission deadline, Author can submit the paper at any day, any time to the journal.

10. When I will get the soft and hard copy of the certificate?

Answer: The authors gets the soft copy of the certificate by email or can download from ‘Download Certificate’ menu and Hard copy of certificate is sent by speed post after ordered (For Hard Copy Rs. 400 extra) by the author within two weeks to your postal address.

11. Is there any publication fee of accepted paper?

Answer: Yes. There is a publication fee of accepted paper in the journal. The publication processing fee for a research paper is INR 599 for Indian Author and $23 fOR Foreign Author. The author/corresponding author will get published paper and soft copy of certificates. However, the author may order for hard copy of certificate. The charge for hard copy of certificate is Rs. 400 additional to publication fees. The publication fee is charged only for accepted paper.

12. How to pay paper publication fees?

Answer: The publication fee is paid by debit card, credit card, paypal, Western Union, net banking, Paytm, Phone pe, G-pay, Bhim app or any other payment wallet. Author can also deposit directly in bank account (for account details contact us)

13. Is there any paper submission Guidelines for author?

Answer: Yes. Visit the ‘For Author’ menu of the journal for paper submission guideline.

14. Where I find paper format, copyright agreement?

Answer: Under ‘For Author’ menu or in Download section at home page of the journal you find paper format and copyright agreement.

15. How can I submit copyright agreement?

Answer: Author can send copyright agreement to

16. How can I submit copyright agreement with paper?

Answer: Paper which are accepted for publication can send their copyright agreement after getting mail of acceptance through the link provided in mail.

17. Is the journal published in online?

Answer: Yes, the journal is published online.

18. Is there any copyright agreement of the journal?

Answer: Copyrights for research articles published in the journal are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal. The journal/publisher is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work.

19.In which language journal published paper?

Answer: The journal is published in English only.

20. How can I contact with the chief editor?

Answer: You can contact with the chief editor at

21. How can I join the editorial board of the journal?

Answer: Please visit the ‘Join as Reviewer’ in editor section of the journal.

22. Is journal has ISSN number?

Answer: Yes we have ISSN number 2582-5208.